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Total Tape Solutions by Filtrona

Filtrona is the home of Rippatape®, Supastrip®, RE:CLOSE™ and VakTape™; making us a market leader in the production of packaging tape solutions that Open, Close, Inform, and Protect.

Introducing Filtrona Tapes

Filtrona Tapes make it easy for you to enhance your packaging, whatever market you are in. For over 100 years, we have provided solutions that Open, Close, Inform and Protect, enabling our customers to improve the consumer packaging experience.

We offer the widest range of premium quality tape solutions on the market that can be customised to suit a brand’s needs, from reducing consumer packaging frustrations to delivering brand communication and protection.

Powered by the latest applicator technology

We provide solutions, not just tapes. Our turnkey approach sets us apart from the field. We offer a wide range of applicator solutions and 360-degree technical support to ensure easy tape integration to your packaging.

Whether it’s our ISO-accredited facilities that produce our high-quality product range, our growing product portfolio including applicator systems, or our best-in-class creative design and print capabilities, Filtrona Tapes represents a simple, easy-to-implement choice for busy procurement teams.

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    A greener tomorrow

    What does the future hold for sustainable packaging? How will the competing pressures of sustainability, consumer convenience and commercial imperative shape innovations and packaging technologies? What opportunities and challenges will this create for the packaging value chain?

    These are questions that the expert team at Filtrona Tapes can help you answer. Get expert advice on maximising sustainability from our eco-committed experts.

    Packaging Resolved?

    We want to ensure that our portfolio addresses key customer and consumer needs, and part of our approach to ensuring this is quite simply to ask!

    From identifying the packs that frustrate and delight, to understanding the features consumers value, we collect and respond to insights around packaging functionality and the role it plays in all our lives.

    Packaging has always been a platform for consumer engagement, but our latest research has shown an improving picture and an understanding of the positive role that well-designed packaging plays in protecting the goods we buy – however it has also highlighted that there is still plenty to do.

    Demand for better pack functionality such as easy opening and access still exists and with an ageing population much more needs to be done to combine these features as part of an inclusive pack design, where packaging is suitable for all.

    Using opening solutions, such as Rippatape® or Supastrip®, to facilitate quick, easy and blade-free access to a pack to help navigate the frustrating opening experiences that 57% of consumers report as a top issue with packaging.

    And it’s not just ‘wrap rage’ that tapes can help resolve. Our solutions help reduce waste and meet sustainability goals – talk to us about our ECO Range, distinguish between real and fake products, and provide on-shelf appeal with our gravure print expertise.

    Lead the change you wish to see

    Brands and designers are putting ever greater thought into how much packaging they use and what it looks and feels like. Every day sees us working on new ideas and solutions to help improve consumers’ lives.

    Constantly monitoring consumption data and market trends, at Filtrona Tapes, we analyse consumer habits and lifestyles to anticipate emerging needs.

    We’re here to take the guesswork out of your process, solve your business challenges, and do so quickly and confidently.