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Filtrona Tapes Applicator Range

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Tape Applicator Systems

We want to make it easy for you to enhance your packaging with tape, which is why we have developed a range of tape applicator systems that can be added to new or existing lines.

With our dedicated in-house team of applicator engineers, we can develop, adapt, install, and offer troubleshooting advice on all your application needs.

Choosing the right applicator for your process

Choosing the right applicator for your production process may feel daunting, but we are here to support you every step of the way.

To get you started, let’s review a few simple queries to help begin our journey.

Flexible Packaging Applicators

If you are looking at a Flexible Packaging applicator you are likely to be using a product like Supastrip®, VakTape™ or RE:CLOSE. Our full range of flexible packaging applicators are available on request and have been developed to help you to integrate tapes to solutions like shrink sleeves, overwrap, flow-wraps, and many more flexible film applications.

Easy to integrate to new and existing packaging lines

Versatile range of solutions suitable for a variety of processes

Simple to operate with accurate tape placement and tension control

Our technical experts are available to support applicator selection, installation and aftercare service

How easy is integration?

Our applicators are designed to make our tapes easy to apply to packaging. Filtrona Tapes applicator solutions are constructed from materials that are fully compliant with industry standards, they can be optimised for easy integration on new or existing packaging lines and complement a variety of different packaging materials.

Download our product sheet to learn more about our Flexible Packaging Applicators

Continuous Applicators for Paper & Board

Our continuous applicators for Paper and Board have been designed with high throughput corrugators in mind.

We offer manual to fully automatic systems for applying tapes like our Rippatape® and closing solutions like EASILINER onto board without impacting production line throughput. Our full range of continuous applicators are available upon request

The systems can be fully integrated into most corrugating lines subject to site survey. Filtrona Tapes Applicator engineering specialists are here to support from initial consultation to ongoing servicing.

How simple is the installation?

Our continuous applicators can be fully integrated into most corrugating lines. Combinations of platform layouts and access stairways with guarded walkways are available to complete the system. Web following options are available and systems can be interfaced to the corrugators control system.

Download our product sheet to learn more about the PRS350 Applicator

Applicators for Stop/Start production lines

The SF-AS DH1 was developed to enable efficient tape application in packaging sheetfed/folder-gluer manufacturing processes. The system has the capability to run automatic rapid stop/start performance on tape widths from 4 – 25mm. With the SF-AS DH1, a folder-gluer solution can rival continuous feed.

Automatic, rapid, stop/start performance on tape widths from 4-25 mm at compatible line speeds

Capable of running two heads simultaneously – Rippatape® can be applied alongside release liner of double-sided tape

Customisable for new machines or retrofit, adjustable reel sizes and positioning

Simple tape set up including full electronic interface, easy control of head position, speed, and pressure

Technical expertise and support available

How easy is integration?

The SF-AS DH1 can be optimised for use on new and existing packaging lines. With a full electronic interface as standard, operators have easy control of key settings to ensure a quality tape application every time.

Download our product sheet to learn more about the SF-AS DH1 Applicator

We are ready and waiting to help you to open up the future of your packaging!