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Sealed and delivered

Let’s talk about easy to seal and resealable packaging – Consumers demand it, brands want it, and white label own-brands are not too far behind. And yet, despite the increased importance of easy to seal and resealable packaging to the consumer, it is often still an afterthought

Closing down problems

Can I get into the pack easily? Can I reclose it?

How difficult a product is to close or reseal is an issue that resonates with nearly a third of consumers. If either of those elements is problematic, the frustration created can translate into lost brand value. Add to that the incredible opportunity to harness improved and optimised packaging design to reduce food waste or the hassle of returns, and so much competitive advantage is effectively left on the table.

Unlock reseal functionality

Beyond the increasing simplicity of integrating reclosable packaging into production lines, another reason brands and manufacturers may be interested in shifting to resealability lies in the growing consumer demand for companies to show environmental responsibility. And a key way for any brand to reduce its carbon footprint is by decreasing food and product waste.

Integration of RE:CLOSE tape into flexible packaging is the finishing touch that consumers come to expect today. It can deliver practical benefits such as freshness, ease of use, sustainability, storability, convenience, flexibility, and protection. Better still, consumers indicate that they are willing to pay more for these benefits.

Change the tape, not the pack – use our print capabilities to deliver your message

Adhesive designed to stick securely again and again

Perfect portion control with product remaining in branded pack

Easy to lift with large integrated finger-lift

Simply applied to new or existing lines

Seal when ready

Release liners have been used for decades in single-trip packaging as they offer a no-fuss, ready-to-use solution to seal packaging.

If your production process uses a glue line, our EASILINER range is the ideal paper-based release liner solution that enables you to seal the pack when ready.

Protects pressure-sensitive glue lines, enabling the customer to Seal-When-Ready

Kraft, Clay Coated & Glassine Paper liners

Variety of finished liner widths

Pancake and Traverse/Spool wound reels available

Simplify your supply chain; we also provide easy-opening tear tapes

Many happy returns

Returns don’t have to be negative for your production efficiencies, the brand or the consumer.

Study after study shows that a convenient returns process – or a lack of one – is a major factor in a consumer’s buying decision and whether they’ll shop with a business again.

Using good quality, well-designed and easy-to-use packaging that ensures goods get from A to B and back again, by whatever circuitous route, can greatly reduce the damaging impact of returns on business and the environment.

Filtrona Tapes approaches packaging performance forensically, intelligently, and purposefully by starting at the end.

Take shipping mailers, for example, you can build two features into the mailer itself to make returns easy.

Rippatape® makes it simple to get into your product without special tools or knives and without damaging the product or the pack.

EASILINER then lets your customers reuse the mailer for returns. One strip is used to close the bag for the original package fulfilment, and the second strip is for your customers to seal it again and ship products back to you.

We are ready and waiting to help you to open up the future of your packaging!