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Packaging that carries a message

Packaging is not just there to protect a product from damage, it is also an important communication tool in a brands consumer engagement arsenal

Print to inform and add value to your packaging

Irrespective of the industry you are in, communicating effectively with the end consumer is vital, and one of the simplest ways to start this is through printed packaging.

Whether developed to catch your eye on shelf in store or in your pantry, create a gifting experience with an item delivered to your door, or even to advertise a new product feature, packaging can boost your brand equity.

Creating memorable moments is more and more important in the new social media age of unboxing videos, consumer product reviews and even sustainability awareness.

But although simple in principle, adding print can be a challenging step for packaging converters considering waste, production efficiencies and set-up costs.

This is where Filtrona Tapes is here to help.

Printing possibilities

Did you know that our tapes can be enhanced with print to offer additional messaging space and represent the perfect communication interface between consumers and producers?

Creative design and print excellence are central at Filtrona Tapes.

Our rotogravure print capabilities allow us to utilise specialist ink and print techniques to deploy a range of features from photo-quality print to special effect inks.

We strive to develop novel approaches to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace and keep tear tape and print relevant and essential to our customers.

Change the tape, not the pack

We understand that you want to get as much impact with your printed messaging as possible and ensure your message is delivered to the consumer.

Why is tape an excellent delivery tool for messaging we hear you cry.

As our tapes are predominantly deployed to be used by a consumer to open or close a pack, the customer’s attention is automatically focused on the tape. Printing a message or design onto the tape not only signposts the tapes intended functionality, the function of the tape will also call attention to the printed design.

Printed designs could be as simple as a solid colour to echo your packaging design, or it could be more advanced. For example, seasonal messages, product updates, sustainability credentials, brand logos or social media/web links can all be used to increase brand awareness and promote interaction.

We also understand the implications of promotional and seasonal packaging changes on a business.

Using a tape as your promotional carrier on your packaging enables you to engage with the consumer directly from your pack without needing costly and wasteful packaging amendments.
This could give you the flexibility to change designs more regularly without impacting your production efficiencies.

Whatever industry you are in, could you benefit from changing the tape, and not the pack?

We are ready and waiting to help you to open up the future of your packaging!