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Lighting up Packaging Innovations with Filtrona Tapes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for the packaging industry – Packaging Innovations & Empack is almost upon us.

The yearly packaging industry spectacular takes place at the Birmingham NEC on February 21 and 22. It brings together key decision-makers from brands looking for the latest innovations and connects them with the exhibitors who have the solutions to meet their needs. We will be one of those exhibitors, bringing our range of total tape solutions designed to open, close, inform, and protect to our booth on Stand B80.

Packaging Innovations exhibition

We’re committed to developing innovations that can enhance and add value to your packaging portfolio. We do that by listening to what packaging converters, brands, and consumers want, and prioritising innovations that deliver on their shared needs. Here’s a small taste of the solutions we’ll be bringing to the show, enabling you to experience the next generation of packaging technology for yourself.

Make light work of opening with Supastrip® Prism

With some of the biggest brands in the world set to be represented at the show, brand protection and security will likely be front-of-mind for many attendees. A brand’s identity is the most valuable asset any business can own – an asset that can be damaged by counterfeits flooding the market.

Supastrip® Prism

Supastrip® Prism is a holographic tape range that can provide not only enhanced opening experiences for flexible packaging but can also offer a solution to deploying multiple layers of security at once. As a tear tape, it inherently provides tamper evidence, so consumers will intuitively understand they are looking at a new, sealed product.  With our Prism Unique range, bespoke holography adds another layer of overt security, acting as a kind of seal of quality that provides a consumer with peace of mind.

Prism Plus elevates a decorative holographic film and augments it with printed designs and even security inks such as taggants which are difficult for counterfeiters to copy – or enhance the aesthetic appeal of the pack with creative brand messages and designs.

And this is just scratching the surface of the whole spectrum of possibilities Supastrip® Prism offers. There are four Prism variants, each one ideal for a different application, with options targeting aesthetic design, brand protection, tape-to-pack functionality, and more – make sure to stop by Stand B80 at the show to experience it for yourself!

Meeting your sustainability goals

Another hot topic on the show floor is sure to be sustainability, and everything that this broad term entails. Packaging Innovations has been at the forefront of the global push to minimise the environmental impact of packaging over recent years, with each showcase full of cutting-edge solutions designed with sustainability in mind.

You can find several such solutions on our stand, including Supastrip® PCR, our 30% post-consumer recycled content tear tape solution for flexible and plastic packaging, and Rippatape® Halo, a paper-based, certified repulpable tear tape made for paper and board applications.

Both give you the opportunity to simplify and enhance the opening experience that your packaging provides to consumers, strengthening the relationship between consumer and brand. Your packaging doesn’t just have to be a piece of plastic or cardboard that’s destined for the bin – it can be an interactive, engaging touchpoint in a more fulfilling consumer journey.

We’ll have both tear tapes with us on our stand, so attendees can experience the benefits themselves.


A good packaging experience isn’t always just about opening – it’s about how easy it is to reclose the pack, too. That’s why we’ll be bringing our RE:CLOSE™ tape solution to Packaging Innovations this year.

It’s designed to reclose large food packs to help preserve freshness once the consumer has bought and opened the pack. Not only does this help reduce food waste, but the width of the tape also offers the potential for high impact promotions or other brand messaging to be printed on it, ensuring your brand messaging retains visibility in consumers’ homes.

And that’s not the only reclosing solution on offer. EASILINER is our glue line protecting paper release liner and is ideal for creating ultra-convenient return-ready packaging for eCommerce applications.


We’re committed to ensuring that packaging manufacturers can extract the maximum value from their products. Our line of closure solutions delivers this, adding extra layers of functionality to packaging without the need for a complete overhaul of your packaging lines. In the case of RE:CLOSE™, for example, it enables customers to change their promotional messaging easily without having to redesign the entire pack, dramatically increasing speed-to-market.

VakTape™ for MAP and VSP solutions

We’ll also be bringing another value-adding solution designed to help consumers fight food waste – VakTape™. This innovation adds a frustration-free, easy-open tear tape onto hermetically sealed packs – having to hack open modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) with a pair of scissors is a thing of the past.

If you work with products like chilled meat and fish, dairy, fresh fruit and veg, or anything else that requires modified atmosphere or vacuum skin packaging (VSP), VakTape™ is a simple solution that helps you enhance the consumer experience provided by your product.


This is an example of our customer-led approach to innovation. We’ll always be guided by the needs of our customers and focus our innovation efforts on solving their requirements. We know that, for all their product protection benefits, MAP and VSP solutions are highly frustrating to a wide range of consumers, to the point of being inaccessible without the use of knives and scissors to some groups. No business wants their products to be inaccessible to any consumer – and VakTape™ is just one way we’re working with our customers to make packaging more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

So, whatever your packaging problem – or if you simply want to elevate your packaging portfolio with enhanced consumer-friendly features – you can find the perfect solution on Stand B80 at Packaging Innovations this February.

Get in touch with us today to set up a chat at the show.

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