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Easy-opening Packs

Ease of opening has long been a packaging concern for consumers, and it is a challenge that spans multiple industries

Opening up the future

Ease of opening has long been a packaging concern for consumers, and it is a challenge that spans multiple industries. Whether it’s getting into that exciting online purchase, accessing that critical pain-relieving drug or grabbing a piece of gum when you’re on the go, any discerning pack specifier or brand will know that packaging should never be a frustrating barrier to a product. That initial positive feeling towards the brand can quickly turn to exasperation with a seemingly impenetrable pack.

And you don’t need to simply take our word for it. In our recent study, openability was a very important issue for consumers, with 57% of those surveyed selecting ‘Difficult to open’ as a top frustration and 48% saying that they had to use knives or other tools to get into packs. When we look at the analysis by age, this frustration increases with 66% those over 55 years old saying difficult to open is a top three concern.

With the World Health Organisation estimating that “between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will nearly double from 12% to 22%”, brands will increasingly need to create more inclusive packaging strategies. Making packaging accessible to all, including the older population as well as those with different dexterity requirements, remains a key requirement for discerning brand owners.

Indeed, at its worst, accessing packaging can even lead to injury and even hospitalisation!

So how can we help?

Enhancing the opening experience

Using tapes from our Rippatape® or Supastrip® ranges for example, to facilitate opening offers quick, easy, and blade-free access to packaging to help navigate the frustrating opening experiences that consumers hate.

Our premium quality tear tape opening solutions serve the Paper & Board, Food & Beverage, Tobacco, and Health & Personal Care markets to name but a few; and can be customised to suit a brand’s needs.

And it’s not just ‘wrap rage’ that our easy opening tapes can help resolve. We also have solutions that can help meet sustainability goals as well as deliver on openability – talk to us about our ECO Range.

Reliable performance

With an innovative R&D team and renowned technical support on all application challenges, Filtrona Tapes can ensure industry-leading reliable performance and enable the seamless delivery of packaging strategies.

Time to open up

We are ready to collaborate with both new and existing customers to make packaging more accessible to all.

But why should you choose Filtrona Tapes?

We are ready and waiting to help you to open up the future of your packaging!