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Our commitment to sustainability

Enhancing sustainability and consumer experience with next-generation packaging tapes

Your customers are no longer content with brands that are apathetic to sustainability.

Companies are now expected to show they understand and care about climate change, their carbon footprint and employee welfare. Most importantly, they must be genuinely committed to these standpoints – remaining consistent and proactive in their principles.

Put simply, demonstrating concern for the product experience, including the opening of packs, while attempting to understand today’s consumers’ complex and intersecting motivations is key to continued growth and development.

The competitive landscape is becoming increasingly challenging with increased advertising costs, ever-growing customer expectations, and a greater focus on sustainability.

Responding to consumer demands – sustainably

Sustainable packaging is fast becoming more than a consumer desire, but an essential requirement influencing purchase.

This is evident in the results of our 2020 consumer survey on packaging where sustainability, or lack thereof, was a reported as major frustration with packaging.


Overpackaging is the number 1 consumer frustration with packaging


list recyclability as an issue and 40% believe this is the top sustainability topic


are frustrated by the amount of waste from packaging

So, with the consumer voice clearly heard, how can we respond given our portfolio of tape solutions has predominantly been manufactured with single ply, plastic materials?

Developing the ECO Range

Historically, tear tapes that featured the cross-tear strength required to cleanly tear away from packaging had to be made with plastic. While this provides a satisfying consumer experience when opening the pack, some packaging converters may be hesitant about adding any quantity of plastic – however small – into their value chain when the packaging industry is under pressure to reduce plastic consumption.

We believe in tear tape’s power and are ready to collaborate for a brighter future. We endeavour to unite the hands-on solutions for today with inventive solutions for tomorrow. We help businesses understand the barriers to change and cultivate a reinvention mindset that will make you impervious to disruption.

Developing the ECO Range

We are committed to developing our ECO Range to respond to evolving sustainability requirements

The need for alternatives to plastic has three key goals

We are working on ways to evolve our products & further minimise our environmental impact

We will offer products with improved sustainability credentials whilst novel solutions are developed

Our aim is to provide options for our customers who cover a diverse range of markets and geographies

Our Sustainability Journey

How sustainable a packaging solution is, is primarily a consequence of the decisions made at the design stage. Waste and pollution should be seen through the lens of design flaws rather than an inevitable result of manufacturing. Replacing problem plastics in packaging with alternative materials, or thinking completely differently about the packaging requirements to find new lower environmental impact solutions are just 2 ways we can approach this challenge.

The Filtrona ECO Range endeavours to help brands and converters worldwide meet their environmental goals while providing customers with more sustainable packaging options. Whether you want to target the use of recycled plastic or switch your tape to a paper alternative, with products like Supastrip PCR and Rippatape® Halo already available, we can help you realise your targets.

Leading the change we wish to see

As a market-leading worldwide company, environmental protection and sustainability are at the heart of our innovation journey.

At Filtrona, our customers are our long-term partners as we support and grow with them to meet ambitious Environmental, Social, and Governance targets.

We journey together to drive sustainable transformations internally and externally as we create impactful positive changes on our planet.