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Here to Protect

The role that packaging plays in protecting products from damage is well understood by consumers

Fortify your product, protect your brand

In fact, in our packaging survey we asked consumers to identify the positive benefits that they saw packaging deliver, and the overwhelming response was the protection it delivers for the goods we buy, with 61 per cent saying it protects items from getting damaged.

Did you know that tapes can help with this desirable outcome as well?

Our reinforcement tapes can be deployed to;

Remove the need for perforations or scores in carton packaging and thereby strengthening the finished product

Improve box compression strength enabling boxes to be stacked without getting crushed

Add handle reinforcement to cartons to add a failsafe for consumers

Reinforce pre-punched paper

Protecting the value and reputation of a brand

Protecting a product doesn’t stop at preventing damage.

Illicit trade in counterfeit and pirated goods poses a major challenge to an innovation-driven global economy. As such, protecting customers and brands against counterfeits requires effective countermeasures.

With consumers and legislators giving their seal of approval for anti-counterfeit and tamper-evident packaging solutions in their droves, proven solutions that track provenance help businesses demonstrate their commitment to protecting consumers and providing quality goods.

Why Tapes?

When dealing with anti-counterfeit solutions, security in your supply chain is key. Deploying solutions via a tape limits the number of parties accessing and understanding your security features.

The Filtrona Tapes approach to brand protection and anti-counterfeiting

Suitable for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages and electronics, Filtrona Tapes’ solutions add an extra layer of security to packaging, reducing the risk of theft, contamination and damage. They can be customised to meet specific product packaging requirements, including size, colour and branding.

We can supply options, including the covert-forensic Patron Taggant system, overt and covert security inks, holograms, overt tamper protection and security print designs.

With brands courting solutions that enhance safety, protect the product, lower the risk of counterfeits, and provide peace of mind, holograms, colour shift inks and tear tapes are scalable and cost-effective systems for tamper evidence.

Implementation made easy

Using tape is a great way of creating or adding to your layered solution. Deploying an authenticated tape couldn’t be easier with our applicator range and technical support!

Our solutions can sit alongside a bespoke applicator on new or existing production lines meaning there is no need for an expensive overhaul of your packaging production line.
We deliver solutions, not just tear tape.

For the uninitiated, authentication can seem daunting.

But not with the Filtrona Tapes approach.

Product protection is not a ‘one size fits all’. Understanding the issue is critical to deploying an effective security solution.


We collaborate with our customers to work out what’s needed


We work with our customers as a united team


We monitor solutions to ensure they perform consistently


We develop and adapt solutions for continued optimal performance

We are ready and waiting to help you to open up the future of your packaging!