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The Rippatape® Range

At Filtrona Tapes, we know consumer frustrations with packaging can severely impact a product purchasing decision.

Opening and reinforcing your packaging

Our Rippatape® range can help eradicate key paper and board packaging issues, whether the problem is difficulty in opening, improving brand engagement or helping your product arrive to its destination in one piece, we have a solution for you.


Easy opening for paper & board packaging

In our recent consumer survey, cartons with no opening device ranked number 2 for most frustrating packaging types.

With the growth of e-commerce, fibreboard mailers and corrugate boxes are more regularly in our hands meaning that the unboxing experience is often the 1st physical interaction with a brand. Ensure your relationship with the consumer starts positively and deliver a seemless opening with Filtrona’s Rippatape range.

Why choose Rippatape®?

Download our product sheet to learn more about the original Rippatape®

Need a greener option?

Rippatape® Fortify

Fortify your product, protect your brand

Increasingly, board solutions are the sustainable packaging choice. When packaging fails to
protect the consumer or the product it contains however, it can negatively impact a brand.

Rippatape® was not only developed to provide superior easy opening to board solutions, it also
offers reinforcement. Whether it’s improving box strength or providing a fail-safe mechanism
to reinforce handles, Rippatape® can fortify packaging performance.

Why choose Rippatape® Fortify?

Download our product sheet to learn more about the original Rippatape® Fortify

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We are ready and waiting to help you to open up the future of your packaging!