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Specialist Solutions

Elevate your packaging with our range of premium solutions that can be customised to suit your brand’s image

Whether it’s minimising consumer frustration, amplifying your message, or ensuring protection of your consumer and brand, we’ve got you covered with our range of customisable options.

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The perfect combination of easy opening and freshness

VakTape™ is an easy open solution specifically developed to provide a consistent and reliable combination of easy opening and hermetic seals on modified atmosphere packing and vacuum packs.

Why choose VakTape ™?

Easy to integrate to new and existing packaging lines

Versatile range of solutions suitable for a variety of processes

Simple to operate with accurate tape placement and tension control

Our technical experts are available to support applicator selection, installation and aftercare service

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How easy is application?

The heat activated adhesive ensures that VakTape™ adheres to packaging as it is applied to the film during the wrapping process. This ensures a low-cost, in-line application maintaining pack integrity. We offer application systems and support to ensure you can apply the solution with ease.

Download our product sheet to learn more about VakTape

Printing to Inform, Engage and Protect

Print capabilities

Do you want your packaging to have more impact on shelf? Do you need to communicate more information but are running out of space? Are you concerned that your product is being targeted by counterfeiters?

Our design and print expertise are at your disposal to make your packaging work harder for you.


High Impact, Promotional Carrier

We understand the implications that promotional and seasonal packaging changes have on a business. Banner Tape is a high impact, self-adhesive promotional carrier, which enables you to engage with the consumer directly from your pack without the need for costly and wasteful pack amendments.

Why choose BannerTape?

Provides on-shelf standout in crowded supermarket aisles

Designed to promote your brand message and support promotions

Avoid packaging redesign costs such as re-origination waste caused by promotions

Quick and simple to apply to new or existing production lines

Our design capability and world-class printing technology ensure that you can use Banner Tape to communicate on a vibrant and eye-catching design. Banner Tape’s wide-width and full-length application to your pack provides increased messaging space to deliver additional information. This could be anything from new promotions, introducing new flavours or delivering critical information.
Change the tape, not the pack!

How easy is it to implement?

We offer comprehensive applicator support and a range of complementary application systems that are compatible with most types of packaging materials and formats.

Download our product sheet to learn more about BannerTape

Brand protection

Filtrona Tapes are here to help you protect your product.

Our printing capabilities include a wide array of authentication solutions including our patented Patron Taggant solution.

Find out more about our brand protection strategy here, or download our product sheet below to learn more.

Download our product sheet to learn more about Brand Protection or check out our other solutions

We are ready and waiting to help you to open up the future of your packaging!