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Supastrip® Prism

Supastrip® Prism: A stunning new way to stand out

When you consider the modern-day musts or non-negotiables of good packaging – innovation, functionality, sustainability and design – it’s little wonder that brands and customers are becoming more influenced by the features of holographic packaging than ever.

All five senses influence the consumer buying process, but sight has always played the main role. And that will never change. Distinctive shapes and colours are among the first elements that draw attention. They have a beckoning influence, providing key information on the item contained and stimulating the other senses afterwards.

Brands and, therefore, packaging producers have the considerable challenge of capturing customer attention, so the eye-catching and creative appeal of holograms helps meet these challenges by giving products a distinctive decorative edge.

With most of the population taking packaging for granted due to its omnipresence and often mundaneness, designers and producers increasingly want to create a futuristic, otherworldly feel. And that’s not unique to packaging, as holography is enjoying a renaissance in all areas, from its dazzling comeback in fashion, hair and nail art to interior design and statement footwear. Holograms are found in many industries and applications; a mesmerising masterpiece and a force to be reckoned with.

Savvy brands are turning to holographic embellishments to give themselves an edge. By rendering various designs, patterns, logos, and typography in three-dimensional visibility, the packaging sector is tapping into holographic tapes because of their distinctive aesthetic appeal and security attributes.

End-user demand and the continued search for more interesting packaging concepts and designs show that holography is extremely versatile and flexible. And in a world where products are often indistinguishable, holographic tear tape can be a game-changer, giving a pack an altogether unique visual appeal.

Visualising your brand’s potential

In its simplest terms, a hologram comprises two-dimensional photographs of light scattered from an object and then displayed three-dimensionally. From their use in Star Wars movies to the back of your bank cards, they have been around for decades, with the technology behind their roots dating back to the 1920s. Having been a staple in luxury labels and cartons since the mid-1900s, the hologram design trend is experiencing a renaissance, with the holographic method being applied in design across many industries.

Part of the revival concerns brand and category managers looking to create differentiation. Using holographic and diffractive patterns makes it possible to add an extra layer of visual stimulation and interest to your product packaging.

Advances in film coating and manufacturing technology continually push back the boundaries of use of holographic materials in packaging, enabling eye-catching visual effects. The hologram’s bright colours and dynamic movement, combined with the ability to print on tapes, add the depth and dimension consumers love to interact with.

Supastrip® Prism is for brand owners seeking to visualise their potential and, at the same time, help customers quickly identify their product or brand. Likened to adding another layer of branding to your product, the Supastrip® Prism collection combines the renowned easy opening credentials of Supastrip® tear tape with the high impact of today’s hologram technology.

Supastrip® Prism

Supastrip® Prism can be customised with logos and colours matching a company’s branding enabling consumers to instantly recognise a brand at the point of sale, helping them make quick decisions about which products they want and trust.

Not only does the Prism collection help create truly stunning and eye-catching packaging that will stand out from the competition, it also offers features which can help protect against counterfeiting all without impacting a tear tapes core ability to facilitate an unrivalled opening experience.

Every second counts

It takes up to only 7 seconds for a consumer to notice a certain product among hundreds on a shelf and decide to purchase it.

Holography, with its reflections and bright colours, is particularly apt for seasonal promotions, the release of limited editions, the launch of a novelty on the market or attempting to breathe new life into underperforming lines. Thanks to its versatility, Supastrip® Prism represents an excellent proposition for flexible packaging and, more generally, for businesses looking to enhance their product’s value and appeal.

Supastrip® Prism

By investing in one of our easy-to-integrate applicators, budget-conscious producers can embrace the use of holographic tapes as a way to achieve dramatic effects inexpensively.

Most packaging designers don’t immediately consider holography when securing a carton lid or sealing an opening. But, increasingly, holography can be important in deterring theft and elevating a pack design.

As packaging solutions experts, continuous engagement with our client base – old and new – has led us to reintroduce the Supastrip® Prism collection to the market, enabling brands and their packaging suppliers to deliver on pack impact and security for a new age.

Whether looking to catch the eye through a kaleidoscope of rich colours or opting to pair holography with high-quality printing to achieve cost-effective brand protection, those accessing the Supastrip® Prism range of tear tapes also unlock the best-in-class easy opening that is synonymous with Filtrona Tapes.

Prism offers a range of unprinted or flood-printed decorative holographic films available from 1.6mm. Prism Plus combines holographic films with print for maximum brand awareness.

Supastrip® Prism, like its Supastrip® and Supastrip® PCR counterparts, can be applied to a range of products that use plastic or paper as the primary packaging across a wide range of FMCG applications, from pet food to personal care or food-to-go to frozen categories. Designed to tear through various flexible packaging types, providing quick and easy access to the product, pairing the Prism range with an application system and support should make deploying the new range seamless.

Counterfeit products are a significant concern for consumers and businesses in today’s eCommerce-driven market. Many companies currently use security stickers and holograms on their packaging to combat this issue. Thanks to Supastrip® Prism Unique, it’s now possible to integrate bespoke hologram tear tapes that are virtually impossible to replicate. Better still, when applied as a tear tape, holograms can help protect against tampering and provide proof of authenticity for branded items like cosmetics, fashion accessories, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food items, and more.

Our experience tells us that this extra layer of security to products gives shoppers and brands the additional peace of mind they demand.

Don’t pay a premium

The introduction of holograms can be an expensive and truncated process. Still, by changing the tape and not the pack, the Prism collection can deliver a premium feel, eye-catching presence, or brand protection benefits within your budget.

If you’re looking for secure, aesthetic, convenient, and durable packaging, these elements can all be found in Supastrip® Prism. With the range of four holographic formats, you can create premium designs in a single pass.

Supastrip® Prism’s accessibility, relatively low cost and versatility, and ability to create a reflective accent on a key area of the package enhances the overall visual impact, dramatically transforming it into a stylish 3D concept which makes light work of tearing open any package.

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