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Consumer frustrations with difficult-to-open packaging can severely impact a product purchasing decision

Supastrip® enhances brand loyalty

Supastrip® enhances brand loyalty by providing a positive, easy opening experience with additional brand owner value delivered via the engagement potential of print and increased efficiencies during manufacturing.

Why choose Supastrip®?

How easy is application?

Supastrip® is coated with a water-based, pressure sensitive adhesive, bonding instantly to flexible wrapping without the need for solvent, hot wax or heating units. We offer a comprehensive range of application systems and support to ensure you can apply the solution with ease.

Find out more about our applicator range here

Are printing opportunities available?

Our design expertise and high-quality print capability make Supastrip® the ideal medium for consumer engagement opportunities and a cost-effective marketing tool.

Concerned about counterfeiting? Talk to us about our brand protection solutions too.


Download our product sheet to learn more about Supastrip®

*NEW* Supastrip® Prism

Supastrip® Prism is taking the spotlight once again, and just like its namesake, it offers untold wonders to anyone who takes a closer look!

Whether looking to catch the eye through a kaleidoscope of rich colours or opting to pair holography with high quality printing to achieve cost-effective brand protection, those accessing the Prism range of tear tapes also unlock the best-in-class easy opening.

Download our product sheet to learn more about Supastrip® Prism

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