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Why us?

Open, Close, Inform, and Protect with our Tape Solutions. Our brands include Supastrip®, Rippatape®, Vaktape® and RE:CLOSE™ and are known throughout the industry for their performance and enhancement of packaging

Tape Solutions

Tapes are suitable for flexible packaging, carton board and fibreboard, mailing envelopes and packets, and hermetically sealed packaging. They can carry complex designs, promotions and security features.

We offer applicators to make it easy for brands to use tape to enhance their products. Our heritage in security technologies enables us to combine overt features, including holograms and covert solutions such as the patented lock and key Patron® Taggant Technology, into our offering to protect brands, products and consumers.

Why choose Filtrona Tapes?

A knowledgeable, friendly, and solutions-orientated partner

For over 100 years, Filtrona Tapes has offered the widest range of premium quality tape solutions on the market that can be customised to suit a brand’s needs, from reducing consumer packaging frustrations to delivering brand communication and protection.

We provide solutions, not just tapes. Our turn-key approach sets us apart from the field. We offer applicator solutions and technical support to ensure easy tape integration to your packaging as well as our growing ECO Range of sustainable tapes.

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    The Filtrona Tapes way

    Since rolling out our flagship tear tape Rippatape® in the 1950s, Filtrona Tapes has sought to help packaging makers across the globe meet continually elevated expectations.

    Suppliers want to provide a great customer experience – extending beyond the purchasing process to the goods return process should a customer not be satisfied with their purchase. For their part, end customers want the assurance of a quick and easy product return process to the supplier.








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    With our growing portfolio of tape and applicators, technical expertise and innovative developments including our growing ECO Range of sustainable tapes, we’re ready to help you tear into the future.

    Talk to us, and let us help your brand meet the growing consumer demand for functional, added-value packaging.